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From Peer Peterson

As you know, I have the responsibility to check and control all graves for the Commonwealth War Graves Commission in southern Denmark. We have two large cemeteries there: one in Esbjerg and one in Aabenraa. I have found two crews belonging to 44 Squadron. Maybe some of the information can be used in our next newsletter?

Lancaster I W4277

W4277 belonged to 44 Sqn and was coded KM-S. Take off was from Waddington at 1736 on 8th January 1943 on a ‘Gardening Daffodil (The Sound)’ mission.

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W4277 ‘Chris Columbus’ with crew. From left: unknown, Sgt Sydney Wright, Sgt Adrian Colonna, unknown, Flt Sgt Milton J Paige, Sgt John Lightfoot, Fg Off Andrew G Cameron.

While outbound over Jylland the Lancaster was attacked by a German night fighter from IV/NJG 3, piloted by Fw Bader, with crew members Uffz Winterhoff and Uffz Duurts. At 1940 hours the burning Lancaster crashed in Søst forrest near Aabenraa.

Inside and around the wreck was found a number of crew members who were laid to rest in four graves in Aabenraa cemetery on 16 January 1943: Navigator Fg Off Andrew G Cameron, W/Op Sgt Adrian R A Colonna, Flt Mech Eng/Air Gunner Sgt John H Lightfoot, Air Bomber Sgt Sydney Wright, Flt Eng Sgt Jonathan Hutchinson and Air Gunner Sgt Dennis B Moog.

The War Graves Commission rearranged the graves after the war. Cameron now rests in his own grave, while the others rest in a common grave. The body of the pilot, Flt Sgt Milton J Paige, was found ashore near Middelfart on the 10th of March.

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The burial at Aabenraa

On 22 August 1943 a cross was erected on the crash site by a 22 year old clerk named Christian Adolphsen and a friend. A name plate on the cross read “Here died five airmen while fighting for the sake of free people on 8 January 1943.” The Germans were not particularly pleased with this and Adolphsen was awarded ten days in prison by the Danish police, thus making sure that he was not to be sentenced by a German field court.

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The memorial stone at W4277’s crash site

Lancaster I W4187

Lancaster I W4187 belonged to 44 (Rhodesia) Squadron and was also coded KM-S. The aircraft took off from RAF Waddington at 1800 hours on 1st October 1942, tasked with bombing Wismar. On the outbound leg, approaching Skallingen, W4187 was coned by a 150 cm searchlight from 4/Batt M Flak A204. While trying to escape the searchlight the aircraft hit the ground and exploded at 2119 hours approximately two kilometres north of the searchlight’s position.

The crew of seven died and were laid to rest in Fovrfelt cemetery, Esbjerg, on 7th October 1942. They were placed in six graves and only after the war identified as being a crew of seven:

Pilot: Fg Off James D V S Stephens
Flt Eng: Sgt Norman E Dowden
Observer: Fg Off John E Tate
Air Bomber: Flt Sgt P Hereford
W/Op: Sgt Robert E W Williamson
Air Gunner: Flt Sgt Charles G Nugent
Rear Gunner: Flt Sgt Herbert R Rowe

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The King’s Thunderbolts - An Operational Record and Roll of Honour

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1943. The welcoming sight of Lincoln cathedral, as seen by the crew of a Lancaster bomber of 44 (Rhodesia) Squadron at night by the light of a flare.