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The King’s Thunderbolts - An Operational Record and Roll of Honour

No 44 Squadron’s Operational History was compiled from accounts by air and ground crew who flew and worked on the Squadron during both World Wars. The annex contains many accounts of aircrew who survived bale outs and some who evaded capture while on the run in occupied territory. It recalls vividly the experiences of those unfortunate enough to spend much of the Second World War in prison camps.

The title of the book comes from the Squadron’s motto “Fulmina Regis Iusta” (The King’s Thunderbolts are Righteous). There are 255 A4 pages and it is in a laminated softback form. The recommended retail price is £24, plus postage and packing. However, the price has now been discounted to £12, (a total of £16 including postage and packing for UK residents and £22 for overseas customers). To order a copy of this excellent book please send your remittance to Henry Horscroft, 9 Church Lane, Eagle, Lincoln, LN6 9DJ. E-mail:
Please make cheques payable to No 44 (Rhodesia) Squadron Association

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