44 Squadron Association Golf Match Report

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On the 20th August I got to the Belton Park Golf Course clubhouse good and early to check that all was in place for the arrival of the 44 Sqn golfers. I was met by the organiser who asked “Have you got a good turnout Kevin?”, to which I replied that this year we had six captains and two navigators. “What do you have them for, finding the greens?” he said. “No, finding the golf course will be sufficient challenge” I replied. Well many a true word is spoken in jest!

This year, looking at the handicaps, I had picked the two lowest to be team captains, seemed reasonable at the time. One of them, ‘Mahogany’ Bob Manser, turned up in good time and with forty minutes to tee off we had all gathered for tea and bacon butties, but there was no sign of my other planned captain, Paul Taylor. Well, being a nav radar he didn’t mess about with any common sense rough and ready planning like Belton Park in Grantham being more or less due South of his home; no, after much calculation of his offsets and no doubt drawing blotchy symbols on small acetate sheets he loaded his golf clubs into the car and set off due West for Torksey his usual venue, thus missing the target by some 30 miles!

Despite frantic phone calls, (during which it transpired that even his wife Sue knew he was meant to be playing in the 44 Sqn match!), he was declared AOL and Nav Non Grata! A rapid reorganisation took place and two three balls headed for the first tee.

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Bob's Bandits

Paul's Pros

Some fine fun golf ensued with a very competitive edge! Nicknames suggested themselves readily; like ‘Down the middle’ Bob or ‘Par Pete’ or ‘Paul the putter’ after he sank a twenty footer on the 11th as well as Deadeye Dunsford on the par threes and Knock ‘em in Nick on the 11th. In addition a new approach was taken by ‘Hether’s tours’ taking us to parts of the golf course seldom visited, and on the 9th hole unintentionally smacking his drive onto the practice ground where it took some finding among the hundreds already there!

Some action shots could lead to the definition of a 44 Squadron Golf Swing!

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Probably one of the best moments of the round was playing the 12th and 13th in perfect conditions with only six golfers in sight and all of those were 44 Squadron!

However, “When the hurlyburly’s done, when the battle’s lost and won”, there has to be an overall winner and a winning team: Bob Manser took the overall title scoring 33 points with Roger Dunsford and Pete Moore in hot pursuit on 31! But the team prize went to Paul’s Pros, Paul Millikin, Roger Dunsford and Nick Dennis. Dave Hetherington won the ‘good sport’ award and said , “I need to play more than once a year!”

We drank to absent friends including Paul Taylor - first time he’s been a 44 Sqn captain and he missed the take off! Never mind Paul its all in jest, we look forward to your company next year!

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